This application is for the top management of any company who want to keep an eye on daily sales, stock etc. This application is either PUSH based or PULL based. In PUSH based application at a predefined time on every day the authorized members of top management can receive a report of daily sales and stock on their mobile via SMS.

In pull based application they can retire the specific data from the database whenever they want. This application is also very useful for the sale guys those who are on field. They can have a real time report on their cell phone which keep them update on the daily stock lying in the store so that they can book orders accordingly.

This application can be customized to any company's specification and can be fine tuned with their backend MIS system.

Long Code

Long codes are nothing but a 10 Digit Virtual Mobile Number to which a user can send a text message to interact with applications and get the desired response. Typical services that can be deployed using a virtual mobile number can be a Request-Response application, Information-on-Demand, Activation of service, etc.

Unlike Short codes which are accessible only in India, SMS Virtual Numbers are globally accessible and an end user can send message to virtual mobile number at normal SMS charges; hence, Long code Services are a perfect fit for enterprises who don’t want their target customers or employees to pay premium SMS charges for sending a query.

Short Code

Our Short Code's fully featured web based control panel helps you to reach your customers immediately and our user friendly interface solves the complexity regarding short code management.

Complete information about short codes is available into the panel i.e. sender's mobile number, message, operator, circle, date and time of message.

You can manage your reply message for every keyword and sub keywords. You can export real time reports in excel format.


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